P3Pilates and PBForme working together

Jennie and I have decided to collaborate and do something a bit different – a Spinning/Pilates class or Spilates or Spinates but definitely not Pie and Lattes!! We are very excited to bring this new class to the valley, we both feel that while we offer very different aspects of exercise there is no reason why we can’t combine our knowledge of movement and give you a little extra.

What to expect…..Jennie will push you hard on the bike for 30 minutes and then I will push you hard in a totally different way for another 30! At the end of the class you will have had an all round work out for both your body and mind.

image credit One Hot Yoga and Pilates

Juices and Pilates

Next week kicks us off to a start with two fantastic juices to look forward to after your pilates class – The Morning coffee and The Joseph – packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that make for a great liver cleanse and a citrus based juice that will give your metabolism a jump-start.

The four workshops this week will focus on a few fundamentals of Pilates – Breathing, Concentration, Centring and Alignment.

Whilst breathing is the essence of life itself it is also a movement process and has great bearing on the efficiency of each movement performed.  Learning how to breath more effectively within movement helps both mind and body to relax, recharge and focus.  Don’t get me wrong though this class is not all about lying on the mat breathing we will be challenging this movement with some hard exercises!

In the lower limbs and upper body classes we will be focusing on mobilising and strengthening your hips, knees and ankles and opening, stretching and mobilising your upper body. In order to do this efficiently we have to look at alignment and precision of movement.  Correct alignment at the start of and throughout the movement is absolutely essential.  By correctly aligning the body and bringing the joints and soft tissue into their natural neutral zones, sound recruitment patterns are encouraged and the joints remain healthy.

In the spinal mobilisation class we will focus on centring by maintaining support and control of the body as movement takes place.  It does so by encouraging the recruitment of deep core muscles that help to control and stabilise movement.  All pilates movement stems from a strong centre and from this centre we can challenge the range of movement of the joints including your spine.

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Pilates goes outside for the summer

Come and join us outside for the Summer Pilates Workshops being held in Chatillon.

The classes are all based on different aspects of Pilates from breathing and relaxation to strengthening your core muscles and re-balancing your body. Each of the workshops will be between 45-60 minutes and they will be repeated at least twice during the summer so if you cant make one date hopefully you will be around for a different one.

A glass of juice will be provided at the end of each class.

Click here for workshop information, class times and booking.

P3 Pilates moves to La Vielle Ferme for the winter

P3 pilates is very excited to be moving for the winter term.  From January to April all of my classes will be held at LVF in Samoens.  Thanks to the LVF family I have use of a wonderful bright room with plenty of space.

This winter stay healthy using the Pilates method as a natural preventative measure to keep yourself warm inside and out, and keep your immune system boosted.

Pilates has sound science-based effects on the internal systems as much as it does the musculoskeletal system. Yes, it will make us look good – tighten abs, lengthen the spine, improve posture. But the unseen, deep and health providing effects of doing Pilates are immeasurable.

Pilates exercises, while including the major muscle groups of the whole body, focus the work of the intrinsic muscles of the body which sit deep within joints and internal structures. Being able to work into these deep regions means that we will create much deeper circulatory responses and movement of fluids like lymph that clean out our bodies of toxins. It also offers us a direct stimulatory effect on internal organs, and thereby stimulation of the functions and chemical responses of systems such as the respiratory, digestive and endocrine systems, which have a direct effect on our immunity and wellbeing.

With reasonably close access to the GME you can come to my early morning class on Tuesdays to do a morning warm up to get all the joints in your body moving, increase circulation of your blood and oxygen around your body, increase lymphatic circulation to remove toxins from the bodies tissues, and create internal metabolic heat.  All ready for a day on the slopes.

Or have a more relaxed morning and come to my later classes knowing that all the benefits of Pilates will keep you warm this winter.

Practicing Pilates can also help you to stay injury free so that you can enjoy a long winter season whether it be on the slopes of off.

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I look forward to seeing you all this winter.


How can Pilates help your skiing or snowboarding?

3 of the main fundamentals of Pilates are Alignment, Breathing and Centring.  By incorporating these into your skiing/snowboarding you can help improve your ability and also prevent unnecessary injury.

In my Skilates class I will be focussing on using Pilates exercises to:

Increase your range of movement and flexibility in your joints – allowing your knees and hips to move freely and equally on both legs will improve your technique.

Ensure your alignment is correct – making skiing parallel so much easier when your ankles, knees and hips are correctly aligned.

Strengthen your core muscles – everything will work much better if all your deep muscles are working properly to protect your joints

Re-focus on your breathing – understanding how your breathing works to encourage good movement is fundamental to Pilates and once you have mastered this you will be amazed at how your breathing can help or hinder your movement whilst on the slopes.

My Skilates class will be held at LVF on Thursday 12h30 – 13h30.  Open to all.  Click here to book

P3 Pilates in Samoens

As winter approaches the Autumn term has started with classes running in Chatillon and now a new one in Samoens which has proven to be very popular.  Thanks to a wonderful space at LVF Alps  I am now offering a lunchtime class on Tuesdays 12h30 – 13h30.  There are 4 classes left in this block, with space for a couple of drop ins each week, just check availability before you turn up.

After the Toussaint holidays I will be running another block of 4 weeks, with classes in Chatillon and Samoens, with the run up to the ski season why not sign up for my Skilates course – a short sharp shock, where we will be focussing on strengthening your joints, stabilising your core and mobilising your body to help prevent injuries this winter – more information to come.  For more information on any of my classes please feel free to contact me.



Pilates for Children


‘In order to be able to learn children need to be able to pay attention.  In order to be able to pay attention our children need to be able to move’ a great quote I saw this weekend – unknown author.

I have just got back from a 3 day course studying Pilates and movement for children from 5 year olds all the way through to adolescents.  We are luckily here in the Alps, where I live, that our kids do get to run around and move but there is a growing worldwide problem of obesity in children and these weight issues create a poverty of movement which in turn affect the way bones are growing.  Children are moving less and less due to other factors such as lack of PE in schools, withdrawal of dance and drama from schools, health & safety issues restricting free play and lets face it a rather sedentary lifestyle – created by computer games, continuously being on phones and connected to social media.  All of this is affecting their ability to move efficiently and this will be carried into adulthood if we are not careful.  Whilst as a Pilates teacher I am all for having adults come to me with bad habits, but why not start with the kids and encourage them to adopt good habits so that later on in life they dont have to attempt to correct the bad habits.

Joe Pilates used his observations of flexibility, strength, ease of movement and natural sequences with which infants develop muscle control and trunk stability as a basis to design and sequence his exercise programs in a manner that mirrors childrens motor development.  This underpins all the beginner, intermediate and advanced Pilates programs and routines that we do as adults.

The benefits of Pilates for children are plentiful including increase in body awareness and self esteem, increased strength and flexibility, maximise movement development, injury prevention, especially for those children who train in a specific sport, improved sleep and concentration, improving posture, spinal alignment, balance, mobility, stability, increasing brain function and also challenging the mind and body connection.

This course has inspired me to bring Pilates Classes for Kids to the Giffre Valley so watch this space – I have a few exams to do first and I will be looking for volunteers to be in my DVD assessment, of 5-8 kids aged 12-16 soon.

Remember to keep moving….