Bring on the Joy!

I was asked recently what brings me joy? Its a tough one to just pick one thing especially when I am lucky enough to live in a beautiful place surrounded by the most amazing scenery and views – you just cant beat mountains! This brings me joy everyday when I open my curtains – a great way to start the day! I never was a beach girl and always wanted to live in the mountains.

If I was to pick something else that brings me joy it would be following my clients in their journey and being a part of that journey – whatever it may be. To feel more flexible, stronger, mobile, have better alignment, balance or being more mindful about their movement. I love every one of these goals and helping my clients to achieve them brings me so much joy.

When I see someone, who has struggled for months to do a roll up, doing their first one I literally throw a party in my mind and then to see them go on to perfect that move is by far the best feeling.

As an example, just today in one of my classes my lovely client and friend Lindsey was perfecting the Scissors. I’m sure she wont mind me sharing that it has taken her months to have straight legs whilst keeping good form in her pelvis and today she did it and all I wanted to do was stand up and do a dance of joy! Not just joy for me but actually joy for her as I know that this is one of the harder things for her to achieve.

Do you remember the feeling when you were younger, when you were jumping on your bed and you couldn’t stop smiling – well that’s me in my mind when one of my clients do something for the first time after months of practicing.

Exercises are sometimes really hard for one person and then really easy for another so everyone has their own goals and targets that they are working towards. I would like to celebrate all the achievements that my clients have made since I’ve been teaching them, regardless of how big or small they are.


Thank you

How can Pilates help my skiing?

Let me tell you….

Skiing and snowboarding are physically demanding sports and being cardio fit will definitely give you an advantage.  Preparing your body before you hit the slopes can help avoid injuries and falls, it can also help performance.  Doing Pilates combined with cardio and strength training will give you an excellent all round fitness ready to tackle your favourite (and not so favourite) slopes.

Pilates is designed to strengthen and mobilise your body and each exercise can be adjusted to meet your sport-specific needs. 

In the ‘Get fit for Skiing’ Pilates class, during the 10 weeks we have before the ski season starts, we will be focussing on exercises that will align and strengthen your body. By becoming more flexible and mobile you will reduce the risk of injury if you fall.

The knees, hips and ankles get worked hard on a day out on the slopes, a good range of movement at these joints is essential for you to have a great day.  Flexibility and mobility are also very important in the upper body, it can protect you from injury should you fall. It will also help you get up easier especially if you decide to go off piste and end up in the deep pow!

Pilates is no match for strength training when it comes to building muscle but learning how to engage and use your deep stabilising muscles properly through pilates exercises is essential for skiers and snowboarders.  Having a strong stable trunk while your legs and arms do the hard work means less unnecessary movement and more energy left at the end of the day!

All the Pilates exercises are designed to improve alignment, and many specifically focus on the relationship between the foot, ankle and hip.

So if youd like to help yourself enjoy your skiing and snowboarding more, sign up for my online ‘Get fit for skiing’ class starting next week and you will

✅ Strengthen your core muscles
 ✅ Work on your balance
✅ Develop your body awareness so you can ski in the optimal position
✅ Improve mobility to relieve stresses and strains in your body



€100 (paid in advance)
To pay by card send me an SMS +33643853359 and I will forward you a link

€40 p/m – Oct/Nov/Dec by direct debit
Click here to pay and save a space


and benefit from unlimited classes to include this one for the last three months of the year.


This is an online class and all recordings will be made available at my members area on my website for you to use at any time should you need to miss a class or two.

Looking forward to seeing you all online!!

Pilates Classes to carry on…

In light of recent government decisions I have decided to change the way I run my classes. They will NOT stop but I will be teaching via Zoom, a video conferencing online service, for the forseeable future.

What does this mean for you?
You will need to sign in from home on your computer/laptop. I will be sending out meeting invitations to everyone.

How much will it cost?
Nothing more than your usual monthly membership

Will the classes change times?
My plan is to keep the same times as my current classes, I may even add some more times, subject to demand.

What will I need?
All you will need is a mat, or towel if you dont have one. Also if you use a head cushion normally a small folded up towel will work instead.

The class will of course be slightly different as I wont be able to correct any alignment issues however I know all your bodies quite well and I will be able to watch as you do the exercises. If you have any questions please do not hesiate to contact me either by phone or email.

If you are not one of my regular clients but would like to join in please contact me clicking on this link – CONTACT