I bet that you can’t wait to join your friends again but are you worried about going back to a full game of golf after so long away from the course?

  • Do you get a stiff back whilst playing golf, or after?
  • Do you suffer from sore knees or hips that prevent you from playing your best 18 holes?
  • Are you worried about getting back on the golf course after so long?
  • Do you get tight shoulders after a game?

Let me help you return to the sport you love with an advantage over those who haven’t done any pre-playing preparation.

>>> Join my 6 week ONLINE Get Fit for Golf course.

During the course, you will learn a series of great, golf-specific as well as general exercises that will improve your overall movement and improve your game.  

We’ll work on exercises that will help with your power into swing transition, strengthen your joints for the follow through and mobilise the joints so that you can hit your perfect finish position.

As a keen golfer you are probably going to be slightly asymmetrical – unlike in a normal Pilates class, I will not be trying to straighten you out as your game would probably deteriorate if we did this.

So if you want to be able to:

  • play a round of golf without getting a stiff back
  • develop a more powerful swing
  • develop better flexibility in your shoulders, hips, knees and ankles
  • strengthen your core muscles to give you a powerhouse to work from

Tuesday 30th March 16:30 – 17:30 (CET) for 6 weeks

Classes will be held over Zoom, so you can join us from anywhere

PRICE – €75  a link to pay will be sent after signing up

>>> Click on the link below to reserve your pilates tee-off time and let’s get you ripping your shots for the new season!

Take care and keep moving!!


Believe in yourself…..

So, as some of you are aware this winter is turning out to be one of the most amazing snowy winters in the last few years. It’s sad, that due to the pandemic, we can’t share the mountains with everyone this year but I had a thought the other day … that maybe our environment needs just a little bit more time to breathe. But that’s a different post and not what I wanted to share today…

I wasn’t driving when I took this photo!!

A couple of weeks ago, my little ski racer went off to some of her races and I stayed at home to look after the animals and of course to teach my wonderful pilates clients. The other job I had to do was snow clearing (something that Toby normally does) up at a house in Agy. Simple really except for the fact that he had to take the 4×4 with Lucy so I had mum’s little VW Fox (not 4 wheel drive) and it was forecast to snow the whole 2 days they were away – and boy did it snow!! Before they left I was bringing Lucy back from school and talking to her about the fact that I was a little worried that I’d get stuck, drive off the road or something similar. I had lost my confidence a little last year when the 4×4 ended up in the ditch at the end of the drive after trying to get out on a particularly snowy morning (turned out to be a mechanical failure – the drive shaft broke!). Anyhow, Lucy told me that I had nothing to worry about, I was a great driver and that I had been driving in the mountains ever since I passed my license. She reminded me of the stories I had once told her of the time I was driving my dad’s 6 series BMW around the moutains in a snow storm because he had a couple too many to drive – I had only passed my test 3 months before, he had no snow chains and it was a rear wheel drive!!! So, I thought to myself….if the 18 year old Karen can do that why is the 50 year old Karen worrying about driving around in the snow, I have 32 years more experience in driving in all weathers, so I should just get on with it. I did and it was fine – a little hairy around the corners towards the top!

My biggest question from this is why as we get older do we stop believing in ourselves? Why do we start to think, oh I cant do that or we limit what we do just in case something happens. It all comes down to our sympathetic and parasympathetic system really but can we overcome this? Well, I think the answer should be and has to be yes. Obviously, deciding at an older age to start doing something new that has the potential to injure you is different – but it shouldn’t stop you, it might just take longer. Fear is a natural response and is there to keep you safe but take little steps at a time and you can overcome this fear. As we get older we shouldn’t stop doing the things that we’ve always done – yes you can be more careful about things, we don’t bounce as we used to but never stop believing in yourself or your ability to do things. We all have the ability to live this life to the absolute fullest, don’t fear what you don’t know, embrace it and never stop believing that you can achieve more!

If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.

Thomas Edison

How can Pilates help my skiing?

Let me tell you….

Skiing and snowboarding are physically demanding sports and being cardio fit will definitely give you an advantage.  Preparing your body before you hit the slopes can help avoid injuries and falls, it can also help performance.  Doing Pilates combined with cardio and strength training will give you an excellent all round fitness ready to tackle your favourite (and not so favourite) slopes.

Pilates is designed to strengthen and mobilise your body and each exercise can be adjusted to meet your sport-specific needs. 

In the ‘Get fit for Skiing’ Pilates class, during the 10 weeks we have before the ski season starts, we will be focussing on exercises that will align and strengthen your body. By becoming more flexible and mobile you will reduce the risk of injury if you fall.

The knees, hips and ankles get worked hard on a day out on the slopes, a good range of movement at these joints is essential for you to have a great day.  Flexibility and mobility are also very important in the upper body, it can protect you from injury should you fall. It will also help you get up easier especially if you decide to go off piste and end up in the deep pow!

Pilates is no match for strength training when it comes to building muscle but learning how to engage and use your deep stabilising muscles properly through pilates exercises is essential for skiers and snowboarders.  Having a strong stable trunk while your legs and arms do the hard work means less unnecessary movement and more energy left at the end of the day!

All the Pilates exercises are designed to improve alignment, and many specifically focus on the relationship between the foot, ankle and hip.

So if youd like to help yourself enjoy your skiing and snowboarding more, sign up for my online ‘Get fit for skiing’ class starting next week and you will

✅ Strengthen your core muscles
 ✅ Work on your balance
✅ Develop your body awareness so you can ski in the optimal position
✅ Improve mobility to relieve stresses and strains in your body



€100 (paid in advance)
To pay by card send me an SMS +33643853359 and I will forward you a link

€40 p/m – Oct/Nov/Dec by direct debit
Click here to pay and save a space


and benefit from unlimited classes to include this one for the last three months of the year.


This is an online class and all recordings will be made available at my members area on my website for you to use at any time should you need to miss a class or two.

Looking forward to seeing you all online!!

Getting ready for the winter

This winter stay healthy using the Pilates method as a natural preventative measure to keep yourself warm inside and out, and keep your immune system boosted.

Pilates has sound science-based effects on the internal systems as much as it does the musculoskeletal system. Yes, it will make us look good – tighten abs, lengthen the spine, improve posture. But the unseen, deep and health providing effects of doing Pilates are immeasurable.

Pilates exercises, while including the major muscle groups of the whole body, focus the work of the intrinsic muscles of the body which sit deep within joints and internal structures. Being able to work into these deep regions means that we will create much deeper circulatory responses and movement of fluids like lymph that clean out our bodies of toxins. It also offers us a direct stimulatory effect on internal organs, and thereby stimulation of the functions and chemical responses of systems such as the respiratory, digestive and endocrine systems, which have a direct effect on our immunity and wellbeing.

Practicing Pilates can also help you to stay injury free so that you can enjoy a long winter season whether it be on the slopes of off.

For class times click here

Looking forward to seeing you in the studio.

Pilates goes outside for the summer

Come and join us outside for the Summer Pilates Workshops being held in Chatillon.

The classes are all based on different aspects of Pilates from breathing and relaxation to strengthening your core muscles and re-balancing your body. Each of the workshops will be between 45-60 minutes and they will be repeated at least twice during the summer so if you cant make one date hopefully you will be around for a different one.

A glass of juice will be provided at the end of each class.

Click here for workshop information, class times and booking.

Are you entered for the Samoëns Trail Tour?

Just under six weeks to go until the big day…with the success of my summer workshops for the last 2 years I have decided to start running these early with a specific focus for those entered into the Samoëns trail tour.

By focusing on the specific movements related to running, breaking these movements down into simpler bio-mechanical events (building blocks) and working on how these are used and combined, Pilates can be instrumental in improving your stability, flexibility and strength in these areas.  By adding Pilates into your training regime you will increase your ability to access and maximise the benefits of your primary physical and technical training environment.

My workshops will run over the next 5 weeks and each one will have a specific focus.  They are open to all, men and women.

Don’t be shy come and get ready!



Can Pilates really help improve cycling/running?

In one word….YES!

Whether you want to compete or just want to improve for leisure Pilates has been proven to help sports performance.  By focusing on specific movements related to your chosen sport, breaking these movements down into simpler bio-mechanical events (building blocks) and working on how these are used and combined, Pilates can be instrumental in improving your stability, flexibility and strength in these areas.

In my Pilates for Performance classes I work on these building blocks to help you reach your goals as efficiently as possible whilst increasing your strength and flexibility and reducing the risk of injury.

In this way, Pilates works along side any other exercise program you may already have.

If you are interested in coming to this class please click here for class times