Matwork Classes

Beginners – Introduction to the Mat -This class introduces you to the core principles of Pilates – alignment, breathing and centring.

Basic/Improvers – For those who’ve mastered the basics and ready to explore more. Or those seeking a gentler class whilst still working on posture, stability and strength at a moderate pace. Introducing a wider range of exercises than Beginners and explore in more detail how to breathe, stabilise and mobilise the body, gaining much greater control and power.

Intermediate – For those who have attended at least 2 terms at the previous level and feel the need to push themselves a little bit more. The exercises start to get harder and the pace is a little faster than the Basic level. You need to understand the fundamentals of Pilates and want to keep building on them.

Intermediate Plus and Advanced – more of the ‘Classical Pilates’ repertoire is introduced. This level will challenge your muscles, alignment and ranges of movement. I recommend that you have done at least a year of consistent Pilates before joining this class.

Men’s Class – Joseph Pilates was a guy! So reclaim it with a mens class for mixed ability levels.

Privates 1:1 – working on a 1:1 basis you will see and feel the difference quicker and we can work on more specific issues as each class will be tailored around your needs and goals.


Class Times and Bookings